RV Insurance Benefits Agents



Understanding your benefits will give you peace of mind.  Once your policy is in place your dedicate team member is always available to you help you maximize your benefits! Our services are  provided at no cost to you. 

We Love What We Do


Helping those that enjoy the RV lifestyle is our passion. 

We Are Here To Help You Choose


Then we are here to help you use your policy! 

Our Sales and Customer Service Team

Gabrielle Gelo


Gabrielle is from San Antonio Texas. She assists RVer's with Long Term Care Insurance and our under age 65 health plan.She is one of our seminar speakers as well. 

2019 FMCA International Rally Perry GA


Julie Sieverman, Casey Sieverman, Coleen Elkins, Geoff Matthews, Johana Matthews 

Luke Martinez


Luke is looking forward to owning first RV very soon. He  resides in Phoenix AZ and is an Eagle Scout. He is certified in all Medicare products and the under age 65  health plan.

Johana Matthews


Johana is full time RVer and 1/2 of the Matthews team. She and her husband Geoff work together to assist RVer's select the best under age 65  Health or Medicare Supplement plan that meets their personal needs. 

Geoff Matthews


Geoff is a full time RVer and 1/2 of the Matthews team. He and his wife Johana understand first hand the unique needs of those enjoying the RV lifestyle. The Matthews team is dedicated to helping you maximize your health insurance and Medicare benefits.

Lou Ann Hoagland


Lou Ann a full time RVing member of our team. She is a former nurse and enjoys educating our clients to help them understand and maximize their under age 65 Health plan and Medicare benefits.

History And New Beginnings


The Journey Began In 2008

We have been living the RV lifestyle ourselves since 2008.  

While we traveled the country we quickly recognized this unique lifestyle created some challenges for those needing to insure their health. As we found solutions for those we met they would refer other RVers to us. 

We immediately have a common bond with all of our clients we have helped over the last 10 years. We have also been blessed with meeting many in person as our paths crossed. 


Twenty Four Years Of Experience And Still Evolving

Coleen Elkins- Managing Genral Agent

I have always worked with enthusiasm. Our agency is not a sales agency it is relationship agency. Our goal is educate our clients, so they can maximize their health insurance and Medicare benefits. 

In 2013 it began getting more and more difficult to find solutions for RVer's. We stayed dedicated and our business grew as we searched ways to keep our clients free to travel. 

Now in 2018 we are very proud to be the founder of the solution that will once again give the RV Community Peace of mind to travel. 

That being said we are now a team of eight and growing. Once again providing a health insurance plan that works for the RV Community! 

Coleen Elkins Medicare 4 RVers managing agent.

We Did Bring Some Tools With Us!

Twenty Four years in the industry and staying connected through the National Association of Health Underwriters has kept us up with all things legislative that impacts our clients. 

Our agency is actively contacting legislators on a regular basis across the country to make them aware of how the current health insurance system makes travel difficult.