Be Medicare Savvy

As RV owners focusing on maintaining our RVs for safety and comfort is extremely important. Annual maintenance adds years to the life of our rigs.

Your Medicare requires some maintenance too! 

Understanding  Medicare will provide you  peace of mind for your health while you enjoy the RV life. 

Let us help you now!

Be Medicare Savvy


Medicare Shortfalls

At no time does Medicare Parts A, B, C, or D  insure you 100%. Where Medicare has shortfalls you need to fill in the gaps maximizing your benefits to protect your assets. 


Avoid Hitting A Dead End

Speaking with a Medicare Adviser specializing in assisting people who travel constantly or frequently will keep you from leaving costly gaps in your benefits. 

Medicare Savvy Understand Medicare

Knowledge Is Power

Don't rely on your Physician or their staff to tell you how your Medicare works. They are doing their jobs taking care of your medical needs. Most healthcare providers outsource their Medicare billing. Arm yourself with basic knowledge.