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Medicare Cards are changing

Medicare Cards Are Changing

Beginning April 2018 CMS (Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services) will be issuing new Medicare cards to all those enrolled in Medicare. These new cards will have your social security number removed. It will be replaced with a unique ID number and no signature will be required on the card. 



In December of 2019 Medicare Supplement Plan "F" will no longer be an option to those new to Medicare. Those on plan "F" will be able to keep it. Contact us to learn what that means to you. 


Part D "Gap" or "Donut Hole Ends" in 2019

A year ahead of schedule the Part D donut hole closes January 1, 2019. It will be very important for you to review your Part D options during Medicare open enrollment which will be October 15th to December 7th. 

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