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RVIB provides RVer health insurance and excellent customer service!

We’ve been self employed for several years and searching for affordable health insurance. My career in the healthcare industry has allowed me knowledge and insight of both good health insurance plans and plans that weren't worth the cost or hassle of having them. When we came across the RV Insurance Benefits booth at FMCA, we decided it couldn't hurt to get a quote.  We were blown away at how inexpensive the monthly premiums were when given our plan options. 

We were also given the ability to build an insurance package that fits our needs and doesn't force us to pay for items that we don't need or want.

Our interaction with everyone from initial contact to signing up, has been nothing short of amazing! I will continue to recommend this company to anyone looking for a health insurance plan that fits the needs of the consumer and their budget. Best purchase we've made in the last 3 years!

Amy P.

Good afternoon RV Insurance Benefits Sales and Customer Service Team,

For those FMC members not yet 65 who may be searching for health insurance information and/or coverage - I recommend that they contact Agent Coleen Elkins at RV Insurance Benefits for assistance.

I have found her to be most helpful and knowledgeable about health insurance options and, with her help, was able to obtain a health insurance policy with Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company.

I whole-heartedly recommend the option of health insurance coverage for FMC members not yet 65, through RV Insurance Benefits Sales and Customer Service.

Sincere regards,

Mary Jo M
John M  


Good Afternoon Johana!

Thank you for looking into the availability of electronic delivery of policy benefits- as we discussed that would be a huge advantage to the program for RVers

When we were retiring we were in need of medical coverage to cover “the gap years” until we qualify for Medicare/Medicaid. The other requirement was, since we are traveling in our RV, that we could use it in any state. Thus we found FMCA offered an indemnity policy that we believed would fit our needs.

We found you and your husband to be very easy and knowledgeable answering all of our questions. You provided us a very detailed explanation of what was covered and how the claim process works.

I am very pleased to advise that in our first few months we have used our policy once, just before leaving on our trip, and everything was smooth sailing (or should I say smooth RVing)!

Thanks again and we look forward to being clients for many years to come!

Georganna & Randy P


Thank you so much for all of your assistance today. I received the verification email from Philadelphia American and have responded.This is a major step in our family being able to take off on the road; you and Geoff made it so easy to get this accomplished. I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for Health Insurance options.

Thanks and have a great night,